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HTML center tag.
Previous Complete HTML Reference Next. Not Supported in HTML5. The center tag was used in HTML4 to center-align text. What to Use Instead? Center-align text with CSS.: h1 text-align: center.; p text-align: center.; div text-align: center.; h1This is a heading/h1.
center: The Centered Text element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language MDN.
Example 3 CSS alternative. p style" text-align: center" This line will be centered. br And so will this line. Applying text-align center: to a div or p element centers the contents of those elements while leaving their overall dimensions unchanged.
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CENTER meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
She stood in the center of the stage. In politics, the center is a set of opinions that are not extreme. In some sports, esp. football and basketball, a center on a team is a player whose position is between other players or in the center.
center - Wiktionary.
center third-person singular simple present centers, present participle centering, simple past and past participle centered American spelling. transitive To cause an object to occupy the center of an area., Matthew Prior, Celia to Damon Thy joys are centred all in me alone.
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